Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Every business needs both a brand identity and a brand image to retain a unique and powerful online presence. They are key components in the branding process that can be of great benefit to the company if properly harnessed. Brand Image is formed in the customers mind through past experiences and emotions gotten from using […]

Marketing Communications Strategies that Work in an Over Saturated Market

Just because there are many players in the market does not mean you cannot succeed. Competition is inevitable in business so you must be innovative and always find ways to stand out. This also keeps your business growing and your innovative ability always active.¬† What is a Saturated Market? A saturated market is one in […]

Building a Great Brand: Five Tips For Business Owners

Branding has become a very popular concept in this social media age. It is a process that companies maximize to influence their target audience and potential customers. Business owners must deliberately work at building a great brand in order to scale up their business.¬† In branding, public perception of your business is very important as […]