Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Every business needs both a brand identity and a brand image to retain a unique and powerful online presence. They are key components in the branding process that can be of great benefit to the company if properly harnessed.

Brand Image is formed in the customers mind through past experiences and emotions gotten from using the product. A brand image results from the effect of the brand identity, if the brand identity is portrayed wrongly, then the brand image would be negative. 

Brand Identity is a key component of branding and is created by the company to portray the right values, beliefs and goals of the company. It is also aimed at earning the trust of the customers by passing a consistent message via different elements such as the logo, brand voice, tone, slogan and so on. 

What is the difference between Brand Identity and Image?

A brand identity is the perception that the brand owner wants the target audience to have of the brand. While a brand image is the perception that the target audience and customers have of the brand. 

A major difference between the two is the perspective. The brand identity is controlled by the business owner while the brand image results from the customers. Both concepts have to come into alignment over time for a strong brand to emerge. 


Steps to Building an Exceptional Brand

Branding is an all encompassing process that includes the brand identity, brand positioning, brand theme, voice and other brand elements like the logo, slogan and so on. Its purpose is basically to establish a unique identity that attracts customers and increase awareness about your products and services. 


In building an exceptional brand, your logo must be carefully crafted and consistent with the brand identity. It is an integral part of the brand identity building process. It should properly represent your brand theme and voice. It should also be easy to remember so your audience can identify it wherever it is seen. A logo design brings into play visual and conceptual elements like shape, color, background. The ultimate goal is to make the brand easily recognizable by the customers. 

Brand Positioning

To establish a strong brand identity, a brand must be well positioned. Brand positioning is the go-between factor when creating your brand identity and image. It involves carrying out research on your target audience, effective marketing strategies and also your competitors. This will guide the brand message you want to pass to your audience and eventually build your brand identity. 


Some practical steps to building an exceptional brand are:

  • Be clear on your goals and objectives
  • Identify your target audience
  • Rightly position your business to be consistent with the brand
  • Create effective logo designs and slogan that are in tune with your brand
  • Deliver quality products and services to earn the trust of existing and new customers
  • Build relationships with your customers. Do not be focused on just making sales but also on how you can retain them. 

Brand Identity helps to foster a company’s corporate identity which is the general image the company aims at projecting to its audience. Brand Identity brings about increased awareness of your products and services. It is crucial to establishing a distinctive presence in your industry. At Deixis Media, we create exceptional experiences that make brands stand out. We can help you reposition your brand and make real emotional connections with your customers for maximum profit. Click
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